Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trip Summary!

I have written an epistle! Actually, I wrote a journal of the trip to Beijing and it is too long to fit here... If you would like to read it and you haven't received it by email, please email me at . Also I posted many pictures on facebook too! If we are not yet "friends" on facebook, please let me know that too.

Thanks for following this blog. check back from time to time and I'll keep you posted on current happenings.

Much love in Christ,

Friday, December 11, 2009

Heading Home!

Well we're off to the airport soon! Leaving Beijing at 1pm Saturday the 12th and arriving in San Francisco at 9am Saturday the 12th :) !! Gotta love time travel... I will summarize the last few days when I return home, but the they have been once again memorable - oh, you must come in March - it is truly life changing!

Here's the condensed version: We loved going to the Pearl Market, Tea Market and last night the Beijing Opera!! I can't wait to tell you all about it and to download pictures. I managed to fall down the stairs on our last trip to the Silk Market and drag Sabina with me - merciful God sent an angel to break our fall! A very nice Chinese man ran forward to help!! Sabina and I were able to plan and set goals for 2010 and Jon and I connected and had a lovely dinner with Ramsey and Iwonna Fahel - some friends of Nancy Patterson!! Whew!

I must go for now and I will work on my summary on the long flight.
Love to all,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday Update

It's been so busy and so Great! In addition to seeing Heaven's Temple and the ancient architecture there, we shopped at the Pearl Market - another adventure! So many compliments!! - "Hey lady, you so pretty ...want to buy jade?...Hey lady you beautiful, want to buy ...??" I'm thinking they were all quite sincere, what do you think?? :)

By far one of the highlights was last night. Sabina and I met with 10 women who are Mary Kay consultants here. I gave them some training on leadership as well as giving some highlights of Mary Kay’s own teachings about God and the business. Specifically her quote to me: “We are in the business of reaching people and touching lives for the Lord, cosmetics is just a vehicle.” I also shared my personal testimony with them and answered questions. They want so much to keep their focus on God first and family second but are being encouraged to focus on money and cars. They certainly loved hearing Mary Kay’s own encouragement on the subject and how much she wanted us to prioritize our faith and family!!

These women are very excited to come to a “Sweet Saturday” this week and to bring their friends!! The best part was welcoming a new “sister” into the Kingdom last night! They are so refreshingly direct here. At the end of my talk Sabina simply asked (I have to get the spelling of the young woman’s name – so I’ll call her “sis” for now) Sis if she was ready to accept. She said she loved people already and was good and just wanted to love like Mary Kay did. I told her Mary Kay was in Heaven and would want to meet her there one day. We shared how that would happen and well, we have a new sister!”

There is so much more, but I am off to bed for now. Enjoy a few more pictures!

Much love,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This morning we prayed before leaving that God might open an opportunity for us to make a difference today. Our day began with a tour of the Olympic stadium and some of the grounds around it. As we prepared to leave and were walking along and talking together, a young Chinese woman approached me and asked if she could have a picture taken with me. I said "yes" and that's when it all began! One minute later her entire group of 15-20 lined up and had pictures with Marlen Young (Don Young is on staff with GPiH here in Beijing) and me. As we smiled and were warmly hugged, the men were taking pictures with Jon, and Sabina and Josh were sharing the Gospel with the rest! The group were from Sabina's home province in the northwest of China and likely see few westerners. We were thrilled that God used our western faces to allow Sabina and Josh to share the Gospel!!

Last night we spent at Josh and Sabina's church to hear Pastor Phil Human from Omaha speak about Leadership and King David! Wonderful and happy service with a great message and time of fellowship! You can't help but to love these people and they are so hungry for truth, sitting for 2 hours on the tiniest chairs I've ever seen!! Wonderful! Enjoy the pictures..."

More to come,

Monday in China

Hello again and I hope this finds you well! Special thanks to Judy Sperling, my sister-in-law for posting for me since I cannot access any blogs from here. Bless you Judy!

After a pretty solid sleep for both Jon and I on Sunday night, we spent Monday having breakfast with Global Partners as well as a time of prayer and a devotional Ian had prepared for us. Then it was off to the races: Sabina GAO and her wonderful husband Josh took Paula Wilma, Phil Human (pastor from Omaha), Jon and I to the “Forbidden City” past the current government buildings and to the huge compound where the residences and official buildings of the emperors had been during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

It was certainly fascinating to see the elaborate lodgings, many throne rooms and even the large places where the hundreds of wives and concubines lived. It is interesting that the statues and carvings are literally everywhere in such detail! The lions poised at the entrances of buildings we were told are a male and a female. Josh asked us to guess which was which, would you care to try? The male has a ball under his paw and the female has a cub under hers!

At every turn there are persistent vendors both authorized and well… Josh actually stepped in to intervene when one group would not take “no” for an answer from Phil. It was very interesting to see Josh take charge of this and all is well! No international incidents this time! We were fairly close to Tiananmen Square at that time. The root word of Tiananmen actually means heaven and the neighborhood just past that area has the name for earth.

Josh’s neighborhood from birth until about four years ago was in “earth” and is now becoming a historic shopping and tourist district. We walked with him through winding streets and very narrow alleyways – it was great! I love that kind of thing and it was nice to see the place where his parents home was right next to the river which incidentally was only used in ancient times for the emperor – it was his river! Josh’s parents home was purchased from them and they have relocated, but Josh has fond memories of the area though at that time he was a “naughty boy” as Sabina has said and as he tells, he was quite angry. What a transformed and gentle man this is now who can firmly avert a potential confrontation and yet gently bundle up his wife from the cold.

What a wonderful day we had and then in the evening the best part of all was spending the evening with several potential leaders of the very beginnings of our women’s ministry here in Beijing! Even with translation necessary for me to understand the words, it’s amazing how the hearts and passions of these young women need no translation as we talked of the desire they have to reach out to other women for the Kingdom! “Wendy” spoke of not feeling able to do what needed to be done but that in praying about this, God had made His call quite clear. Isn’t it great for all who serve that He calls and then makes us “able”!”

Blessings to all,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Beijing

We are here in Beijing! We had a wonderful dinner serving ourselves from dishes in the middle of the table on a wheel that we spun slowly around. The really fun part was serving ourselves from the dishes which included Peking Duck with our chopsticks! All of that after a 12 hour flight from San Francisco !

Our dinner was with Shawn and Sarah BAO, Sabina and Josh GAO, Don and Marlin Young, Kevin and Paula Wilma, Phil Human and Ian Vickers!! What an amazing group this is! Plans were made for the week with some meetings for the guys with government officials etc and lots of ministry beginnings for Sabina, Paula, Marlin and I. Jon will likely accompany us too!

Well, I am fading quickly and need to see if we can get our days and nights regulated and hit the hey since it is 9:30pm and we are a bit jet lagged.

Looking forward to telling you so much more and posting pictures of our adventures which will include a visit to the Great Wall and the Silk Market!”

In Christ,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hello Again,

I will be making a conference call to anyone who has Skype when we are in China. Most likely it will be in the morning (7:30am mountain time - this is 10:30pm Beijing time) or evening (6:00pm mountain time - this is 9:00am Beijing time). It most likely will be mid-week (probably on Wednesday, Dec. 9th). Please let me know if you have a preference since I would like to have Sabina on the call.

If you don't have Skype it is easy to load onto your computer (I am technically challenged and I did it :). I will need your Skype name. You can see and hear the call if you have a mic and camera in your computer (or you can add a mic). The calls are free! I can Skype call your phone too for a small cost, I just haven't done that in conjunction with Skype to Skype calls. I can learn!

If you are not able to participate in this, please don't worry. However, if you would enjoy this, I think it will be fun!


Introducing...Our Women's Ministry Blog!

Hello Everyone!
This is the blog I will use to communicate special happenings while we are in China! Who knows? If we like, we can continue using it later too!

Have a blessed time of thankful reflection with family and friends!