Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hope, our current director of China operations, said this about the gifts we bring to China, "We did mission trips before and feel it is good to be there and that our relationship is the main thing but you teach us to bring love by bringing gifts like the shawls and hats.  It help us to see you really care about us and now we want to do that when we make mission trips!"  
Hope will be taking the remaining shawls, scarves and hats from the KnitWits and from Sharon Tom to the northwest of China.  The people there are very poor and the weather is very cold so these gifts will be meaningful on many levels in addition to extending a loving hand while sharing the Gospel!
Thank you to all who have knitted, given, sent funds, cared, prayed and loved - you have made a difference and your loving efforts will reap eternal dividends!
Ann Dou, former principal of "100 Fold" Kindergarten also made a special trip to bring gifts for those who have helped us to give - can't wait to send them to you!

 Lovely ladies wearing their pretty gifts!

Meet Rebecca - our Aussie translator who also leads worship at the "Upper Room" - loved her hat! 

 Helena - beautiful leader with an amazing story of years of depression and even suicide attempt.  Now, joyfully serving!

 Tracy loved this shawl!

 You remember Jufang?  Her English name is "Hannah"!

Lily chose a hat to match her outfit!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Here is part of the team:  Jeff Allen, Pam Cox, David Goodman, Fangfang, Barb Allen, Liz Selzer, Jufang, me & Wendy Joseph!  Marlen Young was having coffee with our driver and Liz Loeffler & Jane Trice were recovering at the hotel... We've had some illness and mishaps but so many blessings!  God is so great and we are anxious to report more but for now, this is all I can do.  There are some more photos on Facebook for you!  Keep praying!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We have had a busy beginning - Training the first night by Liz, Wendy and Pam, Training on Saturday, shopping at the Silk Market of course and Monday's Entrust beginning in today's post.  Read tomorrow about our training at the Mary Kay meeting and new sisters!  For now, I am excited to share a few photos from Monday...
Here we are taking a moment to seek the Help needed to begin; the Entrust staff and our leaders pray.

Liz Loeffler assists the leaders in identifying needs~

Eileen wins the KnitWit's shawl - she's an energetic young woman with a heart to serve!

Emma and Weiwei are 2 of our leaders each of whom are asked to share their stories.

Kanghua sheds tears sharing her story and heart to reach out - she is an example to us all! Later, I will compile the stories of each of the 15 leaders present, along with photos so you can know them better and pray for them.

Chinese food court for lunch!  Yum! A wonderful day of openness and beautiful teachable hearts.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


FIVE OF US - at breakfast "church" on Sunday.  L to R: David Goodman, Peggy, Pam Cox, Liz Selzer and Wendy Joseph.  Jeff Allen is taking the photo and the rest are attending various churches.  Great team and though we've kept very busy, we are loving the time together and with our sisters and brothers in Beijing!

Wendy teaching "God Knows Your Name" - wonderfully researched with biblical history and life application! Tracey is translating.

Here is Marlen, translated by Fangfang, teaching on the "Power of Forgiveness".  She followed my talk about the "Comparison Trap" and it flowed so well.  Lots of great questions afterward and the illustration with the names of those we need to forgive written on dissolving paper...dropped into the water, made the point!

Liz, with characteristic joy, shares a painful story from her past with the message "Portable Peace" and the women were so moved! I am certain they will remember and that God will use this to influence their lives as they grow in Him.

Barb Allen shares a short testimony and her radiant spirit touching all who have met her!

Pam shared the power of her story while teaching the women how to make a "Story Rope", weaving the past sorrows and joys into a beautiful, tactile picture of their lives.

Here, she is sharing with Eileen, who translated for her and you can certainly tell they are "sisters" by their love!

Jane shares her Mandarin!  The women heard her in their language and you could hear the collective sighs of approval - Jane is a joy!

Laura, sharing her Story Rope testimony.  I have this on video and will share.  The ladies loved making these and all were moved and loved the teaching and again we marvel at how well it all flowed as though it were planned...hmmmm... guess it was!

Jeff & David counsel with Daniel.  The men had a great time of sharing - David on "The Reluctant Moral Hero" and Jeff on "Authentic Success"!

Ahhh - here is one of our shawl winners - loving the idea of the KnitWits praying for her and her boy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Our team leaves tomorrow morning and we are super excited!  What amazing people God is sending: From Entrust - Liz Loeffler, David Goodman, Jane Trice, Jeff and Barb Allen; Women's Team - Pam Cox, Liz Selzer, Marlen Young, Wendy Joseph and me!  Whew...with some very interesting preparations and obstacles...well, we wouldn't think we were being sent to accomplish anything for the Kingdom without them... All in all, we are looking forward to His plans for us in Beijing and would love for you to pray for us!

Friday, March 16, 2012


If you haven't read any of the March 2012 blogs from China, please read this one! The 63 women came from 22 churches and most had previously felt isolated and alone... not realizing there were other women with hearts to serve and not knowing there was help and support for them. It was a joy to see the bonding of so many and the team of key leadership (coaches) have become supportive of each other and a true communications network to  allow for a model for self-sustaining ministry among the women of China!
 It is impossible to summarize the impact of our second "Sister Retreat" in China! None of us could have envisioned how God knit the teaching of each of our Chinese coaches with the teaching of the American sisters together to make an impact on each woman there. And talk about a cohesive team - our Chinese sisters thought we'd known each other for years - most had only just met!

Your retreat scholarships brought them to tears: they couldn't believe their American sisters cared so much for them. One teacher, brought 6 of her English students on scholarships - they all accepted Christ as Savior! Praise God for your generosity!

 The women identified with Mawei's call to be like Deborah (pictured above); the feeling of thinking they were "trash" but now belonging to God, as shared in testimony by Liz and further related to talks on courageous Esther, Abigail's wisdom, Lydia's church and then their own stories in sharing the Gospel.
Many indicated a dedication be salt and light for Christ in their spheres of influence, many will be leading study groups in the workplace or in churches and 12 want to be trained as coaches of the leaders to join the group now being trained! The final ceremony presented by Harriet asked them to take a cup of water to show their commitments to pouring out the offerings of their lives to God - as Mary had with the perfume for Jesus!

Here are quotes from the Chinese sisters along with the pictures below:
" I now know He value women and will use women to do great things." and  "I have more security to open to each other and feel relaxed."

"I feel more related to each other since have many common challenges and problems."

"I feel be loved and be understood and relieved."
Don't you just love the pineapple and watermelon hats from the KnitWits!  The ladies sure did!!  
This is Zhao Xiuming (Grace) who wrote this note to me (excerpt): "When it was gift time, Peggy and Hope brought out many knitted scarfs and put them on table. This Chinese girl was immediately attracted by a blue-white colored scarf. She loved it so much that she was afraid it might be taken away by other sisters. After more than 20 sisters were called...she was a little sad thinking she would never get the chance to get that beautiful scarf. Suddenly, she heard the hostess called out "633820" - That was her number!! ...she felt this was a special gift from God. Thank you for those knitted these beautiful scarfs. thank you for your weaving work and prayers....Wish that you could come to China!"

 "Sisters are encouraged by real life testimonies of life, even sufferings"

"We feel we can now help others to know Him better and the beauty and joy in Him"

These are the new sisters - 6 women welcomed into the family of God!

"Feel cared and loved."

"Realize women can exert huge influence..."

 "Draw me near to Him again, life
relieved from many confusion, 
frustration etc. and get hope again." 

"Having heart and life communication with sisters."

"Know clearer about His calling and will for me."

"Know more about how He value women and how he care about women in His heart."
"Find rest and renewed and transformed."

"Feel cared and loved."

"More confident and courageous in service!"

"Know His calling for women and how to live for Him."

I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into the hearts of these Chinese sisters. Our entire trip and each Divine appointment is impossible to capture in mere words but I hoped to give you a brief look. Thank you to all who helped make this trip and this work a reality and please continue to pray for these women as they seek to take their leadership to a new level.  Pray for us too and about considering a trip to China with us?  Blessings to you all!

Friday, March 9, 2012


 The Great Wall

Mary doing what she does so beautifully - taking the best pictures!  John is always lifting everyone's spirits - they are such a great couple!

We are easily entertained - reading signs and the interesting way Chinese is translated into English!

Like this sign telling people not to light fires... :)

Harriet was the resident comic today - some great one-liners!  Here taking in the sights with Mary and Greg in the background.

Kathy & Greg - these 2 are a delight to everyone - so much fun and so willing to do anything that's needed.

Hope & Liz - what can I say?  Love these women and their hearts for God and China.  What a team God put together!

Hope in one of the lookouts on the wall!  We loved spending time with her today!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


 35 young artists packed this room last night for training on a biblical perspective for career choices.  I so enjoyed teaching these expressive and energetic brothers and sisters! The questions were insightful, bold and yet open to constructive ideas. Wish I could take them home with me - the young man in the back with the long hair smiled big and said, "my name is Happy"!

This is the shawl winner tonight, a guest of one of the's always a joy when those who are seeking are presented with a special gift of love and prayer!

 Our key leadership, our "Coaches"!  These women will train the leaders here: (L to R)  Emma, Jili, Jufang, Kanghui, Helena, MaWei!  Beautiful, gifted women and we are so blessed.

Our coaches with the ladies on our team:  Kathy, Harriet, Mary, Liz & me.
Sweet fellowship today and wonderful training from Liz who was ill but delivered AWESOME leadership material!

Mary & MaWei shared a special bond as moms of adopted children.  Mary was a tremendous encouragement to MaWei who was in tears as she thanked me for bringing these women to her!

We took 2 taxis home from Hope's apartment today for the 5 of us.  Both had a bit of excitement! Harriet and I were thinking this red vehicle might have been preferable to the rattling car we were in with the amiable driver who nearly got us broadsided by a bus - we kept the angels busy today!  The other team's driver dropped them off before arriving at the hotel because his car wasn't allowed that far and they took another taxi the rest of the way!  God is good to take care of us here - we count it all JOY!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 "100 Fold" is the name of this Kindergarten (named for Matthew 19:29).  The principal, Ann Dou is an incredible lady who volunteers her time because the school cannot pay her.  She is the consummate servant leader and waited on us, pouring tea and giving gifts!

Ann is the lady who traveled a long way to my hotel last trip to bring me a Starbucks mug from Tienjin because she heard that I like them and use them in my home to share about China.
 Liz spoke today on how we are precious to God and on having community together - they loved her energetic sharing and her illustrations and stories - MaWei came up to Liz reciting what she had learned and will be teaching this to her study group of moms!

Harriet spoke today on the "Theology of Work" - she is always so well researched and prepared and again so well received.  Ann, the principal, said this is exactly what they needed to hear today!  Judy, pictured here with Harriet had us driven to our hotel - what a precious sister!

These lovely ladies are:  Jili, MaWei, and Judy.  Jili translated today, and although she was nervous, she did so very well!  MaWei thanked me today for introducing them on my last trip - Jili has prepared and studied for ministry in childhood education and is teaching the moms in MaWei's group! It's a blessing to know connections are being made that will help equip these women for ministry!

These are the women in the morning group! Liz is so impressed with the way they listen, respond and the joy they take in receiving the information! It's easy to see why God is using these women to help reach this nation for Him.

I met Wendy about 4 trips ago - she has a beautiful heart to serve and we have a very special bond.  I love these women!