Saturday, October 19, 2013


Usually I blog during our trip but Facebook has been the place for the quick pics and notes this time. We have been busy with our team of 10 and have seen God do so many wonderful things here! As ever, I am sure we leave impacted - more than our sisters here!  Today is our last day so I will write and post for you now :). Hope you catch a glimpse of our joy!

 Airport arrival for the Omaha ladies - Yinyan, Grace and I were happy to see them after their delays! What great attitudes they all had, not a sour note - only joyful anticipation and perhaps a little fatigue...

 Since they arrived in the wee hours, our grocery expedition had to be the next morning after devotions and breakfast. Always fun to watch our teams explore the strange and the familiar in the market!

 Our first teaching time at Wenli's Mary Kay center. She is a new sister from our July trip and it was a great pleasure to be with her, see her rapid maturity and watch her reach out to others. Here, Carole is chatting with the ladies who could not believe she is a great grandmother! 

 Lisa Brown and Rebecca, who loves the nickname my Pastor Jim gave to her - she says "Becky" makes her feel very special! Lisa Brown shared beautifully and touched every heart!

 Ah the photo ops! Love this team and our Chinese sisters!

 One of our prayer shawl winners! It's amazing to see who receives these and the special needs that are met! Amen!

 Lauren was our entertainment specialist...wakin' up the ladies and gettin' the blood flowing!

A little blurry but always these MK ladies love the pictures! And no, it's not soft focus for a youthful look :)

Stay tuned...more coming later today, China time!