Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28

“Gospel Shopping”

Today we had a very wonderful day at the Silk Market. It really is an experience! Our new friend Phoebe went with us and was a great help to us. At one vendor where we purchased some fans, a young lady named Lucy remembered me from the March trip and was so friendly to us. While she helped Maye, Faye and I, her boss asked Phoebe why we were so happy and energetic considering that many women in our age group are fairly cynical and somewhat embittered by the all they have experienced around the time of the cultural revolution etc. Phoebe explained that it is our faith that gives us joy and a beautiful seed was planted! This happened several more times and so Phoebe named it our “Gospel Shopping Day”!

Tonight we had a very special dinner with Lucien, Katy and Sally Wang and Sally’s fiancĂ©, Chris! So great to be with them and to learn so much from Lucien about the “unregistered churches” here. In his words, “it is such an exciting time to be a part of God’s plan for China!” To that we say, “Amen”!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wonderful Sunday!

A very sweet service yesterday at Josh and Sabina’s church! Everyone is engaged and complete attention is given by all 70+ people. It felt like 80 or more in the room and was very hot in the small apartment but no one appeared to be bothered at all. Maye, Faye and I shared for just a few minutes about who we are and why we are here. A very delicious meal was served and then 6 people were baptized! I will include pictures on the next posting – just so moving to see what they do and how each person is genuinely happy for each new believer. After each one comes out of the water (in the bath tub) everyone sings, “I have decided to follow Jesus”!

This small place and each person is so well organized and it is fascinating to watch as it is transformed from church, to dining room and then each knows what they must do to completely clean the place in record time after the baptism. The schedules don’t allow for coming back to do these things with working many hours each day, long commutes and working 6-7 days per week for many.

We were invited by Jennifer Chen (who attended the training on the 26th) to attend a “passport church” for Chinese who’ve lived abroad and have foreign passports. Again, we met very warm people and were very warmly welcomed! I shared for about 10 minutes about the work of Women’s Connections here and we now have more people attending our training on Saturday! Nearly all spoke English in this service which is held in a convention center. And of course these dear folk invited us to dine with them after the service! A great day!!

Thank you for praying! Stay tuned for more!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amazing Day in Beijing!

Maye Jepson, Faye Hayes and I arrived safely last evening, rested very well and along with our beautiful translators/speakers Hope and Sabina, we conducted a very successful seminar! The room filled almost completely with 70+ in attendance (the room would hold 80). This doubled our attendance at our biggest event on our first training trip in March! God certainly went before us and doubled our efforts in every way.

The women were very receptive and very responsive to our efforts to train them. All speakers did a fabulous job, including Sabina and Hope who translated and taught as well! Hearts were certainly touched and the interaction at break time and at the end could have gone on and on. One new friend “Phoebe” introduced me to her visiting friend who was open to hearing more of Christ! So much to tell and yet it is time to rest.

Oh, 4 of the prayer shawls made by our beloved “KnitWits” were received so well!. If the temperature were not in the 90’s I am certain they would be wearing them everywhere! Wendy said with tears in her eyes that, “this was the most precious gift she had ever received!”. Sabina also received beautiful knitted things for her coming little boy, she was so thrilled and said he was spoiled already. She wanted to express to Ruth Selby how much she loved the baby things!

Tomorrow we will attend Josh and Sabina’s church and baptism and then in the afternoon we will visit George and Jennifer Chen’s church as well. We so wish you were here with us to share in our joy! Maye already said she can’t wait to come back and we only just arrived…

Blessings until next time

Saturday, June 12, 2010

knitwits :)

I want to especially thank the KnitWits! They are "knitting a witness for Christ" and sending 4 beautiful prayer shawls with us to China as gifts for some wonderful women there. Check out their blog, they are great! I love my beautiful red shawl and feel wrapped in prayer when I wrap up in the mornings. Thank you knitwits!!

On Our Way to Beijing!

Here we go - Our second team leaves for Beijing on June 24th! We are so excited and would be so grateful if you would pray that the people God would have us to see are ready and that we are prepared to be all we should be for them! Watch for updates - starting on about June 25!