Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have an idea that I would love to share with you!  Our Global Partners in Hope Women’s Connections team began teaching women in China to share their faith last March using the time-tested “Wordless Book”.  We didn’t realize at the time that it had been used in China in the late 1800’s by Hudson Taylor, we just knew it was well received and seemed to transcend culture. 

I had seen various bracelets used in the same way but God kept prompting me with a new twist on the idea: “what if there was a different and distinctive bracelet that people would notice”?  And I kept thinking how great it would be if this encouraged more women to share the Good News more often, knowing that the most difficult part of sharing is beginning the conversation! 

After trying to make them ourselves we took our efforts to China and had them made at the Silk Market and now we call them the “Global Partners Story Bracelet”.  It was a wonderful confirmation to have women coming up to the booth at the Silk Market as they were being made, asking about them saying, “Those bracelets are so pretty!”  I said, “thank you, this is my Story Bracelet, would you like to hear the story?”  They always said, “Yes” and the Gospel was shared and women came to Christ! One lady said, “Thank you for telling me this story, I am so happy!  This is really Good News!!”

This same scenario has been repeated over and over in the US too; people are complementing the bracelets and women are responding with, “It’s my Story Bracelet, would you like to hear the story?” I can’t believe how simple this is and now God has asked me to take the bracelets and the training to women’s groups to teach them how to share their faith here and to talk about how women in China are being reached using this tool!! (We have also developed an accompanying card with a script and instructions which will come with each bracelet.)

I love the idea of providing a tool for women to share in North America and around the world and it is really wonderful because each bracelet ordered would help to provide funds for continued ministry in China! The bracelets are made using onyx, coral, jade, white jade and pearl beads, in China by a dear lady at the Silk Market and they are available for a suggested $25 donation to Global Partners in Hope.  

©       If you would like one of us to present this to your women’s group to teach them how to share their faith, email or call Peggy Sperling (contact information below).  I get so excited when Christians cooperate for the sake of the Gospel and this is about helping each other communicate the Message God has asked us to share!

©       When they order the Global Partners Story Bracelets & instructions they will be ordering a personal sharing tool plus helping women to come to Christ in China!
I recommend reserving time with us very soon because of limited supplies

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 Here we are at a very special dinner hosted by Mr. Ling, owner of the 2nd largest furniture distributorship in China.  He had 11 of his staff with him and we knew it was a Divine Appointment!  We brought: our driver Mr. He, Neil, Hope, Yolanda, Sharon and me.
We had now idea what God would do...

Neil with a new brother!  So happy and excited after Neil shared the Good News and all 11 made decisions for Christ! (The 12th was a woman who was a believer and had been praying for the rest.)

Sharon and me with new sisters!  They were so excited they didn't want us to leave and followed us out to the van, even slapping the windows as we left. Part of our hearts are there for sure!

Excited new brothers!  (Mr. Ling is at left).  Pray for them as Hope and Yolanda work to do Bible Study with them and also work to find leadership for this new church in China!