Friday, May 31, 2013


 Meet Fengbo, Ron Dalton & Richard.  Fengbo is Richard’s brother-in-law who had been to church with Richard and his wife many times but had not as yet accepted Christ. He loved Ron’s story of his life (born in N. Korea to American serviceman and Korean mom, given up at age 4 because of mixed race…), Fengbo said he needed to hear Jon’s message about facing fears but then when he received the bookmark made by Yinyan, my Chinese American friend in CO (that said, “I have decided to follow Jesus” in Chinese) – he was moved! The final decision was made  after we gave Fengbo one of my Story Bracelets and he heard the Story told with colors – he stood right there in front of 40 people, with joy on his face to say he now put his faith in Jesus!

Frank, is the guitar player for the worship team, at Caleb's Church. After Pastor Jim’s sermon about “Seeing Yourself as God Does”, and after the teaching in the afternoon, the congregation broke into small discussion groups.  In Jim’s small group they were discussing what they learned and whether they had questions from the teaching.  Frank said that the teaching helped him realize that the people still felt class distinction in China, often seeing themselves as much less than others. He said that this teaching helped him to have God's view of himself. That through faith in Christ, he knows he is an equal child of God! He felt transformed and so very encouraged! 

 Stanley (pictured with Jon and Stanley's girlfriend) has been a believer for just a few months. He has natural leadership skills, but is unsure of his ability to lead in the church community because of his perceived spiritual immaturity. Jon was able to get Stanley's email and Skype name and looks forward to continuing a mentoring relationship with him electronically and again on his next trip to China. Stanley was encouraged when Jon told him that Stanley Lake is only one mile from his home and he will remember to pray for Stanley every time he drives by his namesake lake!

Pastor Jim met May, who was an unbeliever. She asked Pastor Jim’s opinion of what she should do since she wanted to continue to be part of the "Christian Gathering", but felt she was being pressured to believe. Jim took her to Eph. 2:8&9 and showed her how scripture says we are saved by faith and not by works. Jim told her the faith to believe is a gift from God and when she simply receives that gift she will believe. May thanked Jim and told him she was looking forward to that faith, and would continue to attend. Jim told her how much he appreciated her honesty, and that God would honor that. May felt relieved and felt she could attend the gathering of believers, ready to receive God’s gift.

Peggy, Xiaoxia & Sabina: Xiaoxia is a sister at Josh & Sabina’s church and is struggling because she is pregnant and the doctor said there is a possibility her baby isn't growing properly and she should terminate the pregnancy. We asked Sabina if we could give her a “prayer shawl” and a hat. We prayed with her and gave her the gifts; she was so moved, cried many tears and felt God’s peace about the baby she will carry.

 We met this gentle man at the seminary and he joined us again later in the week at the three self church. Many of the students at the seminary spoke some English, but this man unfortunately did not speak any English. He stood out in my memory because he traveled a long way to join us for other teaching times and he is a little older than most in the Urban Professional church movement. The picture was taken during one of our breaks from teaching at the seminary; he was studying some notes from the previous teaching. He is an inspiring example of the passion the Chinese believers have when it comes to learning and understanding the Word of God.

Ron said, “It was a wonderful trip & what stands out to me was the thirst of the Chinese believers for the Word of God. If you asked them to turn to a passage of Scripture, they just said the verse or verses in unison without mistakes. If you were going to teach at 9 they would be there at 8:50 with pens in hand, ready to take notes. No complaining about the conditions, just a strong desire to learn from what God has written. Also our translators, Grace, Hope and Rebecca, worked tirelessly during the trip to translate our words accurately and also acted as tour guides and a resource of information on the city of Beijing and the Chinese culture, not to mention the exposure to Chinese food beyond our North American experience. :-) What a blessing to know our God is at work all over the planet!”

Judy said she “was blessed to meet Emma, one of the roommates of Grace, Rebecca and Hope. Each time I saw her at a teaching in another place she would come up and wish me well and give me a hug. I learned that she was struggling in her cosmetic business and another woman there  asked me if I could help her a little. I had packed a small book I received from Andy Horner, CSO (chief servant officer) of Premier Designs jewelry called "The ABC's of Leadership".
   One of the days we were teaching, I was able to write several pages of notes on the book and share a personal work ethic for Emma. She was very happy for the help.  Sometimes all it takes is to share with a young person the direction God may want them to take. In my view of God's Word, this would be to serve others, use fair business practices and share the gospel with those around you. The lesson for me was to realize my work is my ministry! I am so blessed to have been chosen to help Emma.”
   Many in China struggle with balance in family, work and ministry; it was a blessing to see Jim and Judy encourage people like Emma, as well as a successful businessman who now feels he can moderate work/travel time for family and ministry. He understands that all he does is for God’s glory!

Dongli accepted Christ about 6 months ago and cannot help but to speak about Jesus everywhere she goes! She felt called to lead others but didn't see how God could use her since she is a new believer and could not imagine what she might offer to God. We talked after teaching time about how God loves her, values her and how He can use her now while she grows in her faith – her eyes filled with tears to know she can learn, grow and be part of God’s plan to help women in China!