Sunday, February 26, 2012


Dear Praying Friends,
  Well, here we go!  Leaving for Beijing this Wednesday February 29 and in the throes of last minute preparation. It seemed like the perfect time to focus on God's provision in wonderful and unusual ways and as is usual, He does this in His timing to teach us faith.
  Until last week, the funds for the trip were not there and yet we were confident of His leading. Through a speaking engagement at Fellowship of the Rockies Church, some wonderful provision came!
  More of the needed funding came this way:   Chaplains Stacey Smith (ex-felon) & Bob Fielding, 50 Story Bracelets will go to Haiti to be used by the team who will be using them to share the Gospel with  the ladies in prisons in Haiti.  Don’t you love the way God works? Bracelets made by dear Stephanie in China (who has now accepted Christ because of them) are purchased through ministry to a prison in Arkansas, to be used in sharing the Gospel to inmates in Haiti and the funds (priced lower for mission use) go back to China for continuing ministry!  Only God could accomplish this!  Amen? AMEN!