Monday, March 28, 2011


 Judy, Hope and I came from various parts of town to a place further south of Beijing than even Hope had ever been - Our taxi ride in high traffic was well...l-o-n-g! Seems no matter where you go in this city with these people who are hungry for truth...a blessing awaits!

 I loved watching Judy connect with this multi-aged group.  Elders, parents and young adults who in some cases seemed none too excited to be there.

Slowly through the night the few who seemed reluctant thawed a bit until the young lady with the shawl (yes she was the winner of the gift from the "knitwits") stood at the end with a big smile on her face and gave us warm hugs!


 Jufang is a leader of a sister group in her church and also leads other leaders!  In consideration of our hotel location she had the gathering at her apartment which meant that the other women all came from miles away and traveled for hours to get there.  We began late but ended up with 25 women who learned, prayed and ate together!

Christine received the shawl today!  She was over-joyed and loved learning how to share her faith with her family today.  Christine wondered when it is ok to return to full-time work with a 2 year old at home and how to control her temper with a "naughty" toddler!
They sang for us!  So beautiful!  Dora had many tears for family she longs to share with and is "so thankful you came to show us how to share with love and not to worry but know that God loves more than we do!"

Cindy and Lisa said they need this kind of teaching so much because they need the support to help other women!  Amen!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Blessings on blessings here!  Great group of people who had already been to church all morning...and I do mean all morning!  Then had lunch and then came to us...there is truly such a dedication to learning and growing - I've never seen anything like it!

Anthony did a great job translating for me to a group of mostly women!  What a trouper!  The teaching on finding balance was well received and a few silly stories helped to keep them awake, I think...:)
 My favorite part was connecting with  Mary, Shirley, Sharon and Lisa!  Here are some of their words: "you have helped with so much!" "I have been struggling in these areas..." "We need this teaching!"  "I want to be a leader and counselor!"  "How do I know how to follow God?"
So great for us to reconnect with friends!  Deborah and Thomas were so great to be with in December and now Deborah is expecting their first baby in August!


Oh for a photographer that is not me!  Ah well, the faces are beautiful!  This is part of the room where 40 women came to hear about sharing the Good News with their families, finding balance and principles for dating and marriage!
 Judy Burrows again did such a beautiful job connecting and relating to these women!  Her talk is simple and straightforward - easy for these women to understand.  They had many questions for her afterward and I know for the future too!
My translator, fengfeng did a great job and was a joy to work with.  So much joy in helping with tools to reach their families!  Several comments and questions about how to understand God's plan for our work and lives.  One woman wanted help to know if she should take a high paying job out of town and away from her new husband.  Another struggled with the idea of her husband wanting her to stay home in the future with their family when her mother had advised her to keep her job security in case things didn't work out at home.
This is Vivian who after training took us to "The Place" where we had an extravagant buffet in an incredibly beautiful area.  As you walked in there was a HUGE TV screen overhead with lovely colors and fish swimming through the screen! Best of all was the conversation - a real chance for Vivian and Cecelia to ask many difficult and painful questions but to receive help and reassurance from Judy, Hope, Jenn and me 


Rita, the owner of a very successful Century 21 office (in background in this photo) has a big heart for God and wanted her staff (80total, about 30 here) to hear biblical principles on dating and marriage from our Family Life couple, Jim and Judy Burrows.
 Jim and Judy, with Hope translating, did a beautiful job giving basic guidelines and principles.  They were so well received and Rita said over and again how their words were completely new to her staff and that neither they nor their parents had ever heard these things before!
Joyful faces these!  I know Jim and Judy will be building bridges with many of them in the near future!  Oh, and Rita treated us to a wonderful dinner afterward!


These ladies were selected by our hostess, "Louisa" because they want to share their faith with their husbands and asked for our help.     They have all left successful careers in business, education and journalism to be home with children - a rare thing in China!  They have such tender hearts and wanted in every way to make Hope, Jenn and I comfortable and welcome.  They even worked together to make a wonderful lunch for us and to top it off had ordered dessert from a German Bakery to be served with lattes made from a new espresso machine!  

Louisa told me more than once, "We don't want to just benefit and receive from you, we want to help and partner with you!"

Lana, the woman in the black and red sweater, told me with tears that she had been praying for a special gift and a way to reach a friend who is dying of cancer.  She was so happy to have a bracelet and a simple gift with which to share the GIFT!


I received a message from Yolanda last night via Skype and want you to hear from her heart:

"thanks for your encouragement...actually thanks for your coming quarterly...which is very important for me, i  got a lot of strength and help from your service...the ladies of bible study & people in xianhe fellowship they all love you and got a lot of blessing...such as lin jin, after your message, she did preach gospel to her mother-in-law at first time...praise lord...i love you and hope i can do more like you one day...."

This gathering happened my first night in Beijing - goes to prove God can use our most feeble (jet-lagged) efforts!

Friday, March 25, 2011



Wow!  How exciting to be back at the furniture company where last December through Neil Curran’s teaching 11 made decisions for Christ and a new church began!  After only a few months and the excellent follow-up of Yolanda and Hope there were now 20 people ready to hear and to learn! 

They are so eager to know more of God’s Word and even though it took much time for them to locate verses in Bibles so new to them, they were determined to find and to read.

The dear sister who received one of the shawls from our “KnitWits” (knitting a witness for Christ) wondered why her business has been down the last few months and if perhaps she should put the Buddha statue back in her house.  We talked to her about the testing of faith and a deceiver who plants seeds of doubt.  She was happy to be reassured and so happy to be prayed for by the weavers of her new shawl!

Another sister wanted to know how to reach out to her family more and then told me she got lots of compliments on her new hairstyle which she got to look like me! J  They are such lovely women and she looks beautiful inside and out!

They remembered how much we liked their "Chinese Pancakes" and had them ordered specially for us!

Please pray for these new believers and that a pastoral couple can be found to lead this flock.  These faithful women pay taxis to take them 1 ½ hours outside of Beijing to minister to this group.  The need for trained leaders is profound.  Pray that we can continue to help in equipping these eager saints!


Through Ramsey Fahel and his assistant Lily Li, I was invited to share with a group of 20 people about balancing work and family.  Finding a way in this busy culture and city to work with excellence and yet to honor our families and communicate our love for them.

This was such a receptive and interactive group in a culture where such interaction is not necessarily the norm.  I loved answering questions about how to show love and honor to even the most difficult family members while showing love and carving out time for a child and husband.  About turning off the TV to talk at the end of the day and learning to say “no” to extra activities sometimes.

They loved hearing about the differences in men and women and how to communicate in the love language of those close to us.  We were so happy to be invited back in May with our team and look forward to further opportunities and bridges built for sharing Truth.


YOLANDA’S GROUP: hungry hearts.

I cannot say it any better than Jenn did in her blog:  It is life-changing for us to see the hunger in the hearts of these new believers and their strong desire to know truth.  Jenn’s blog was encouraging to me because our desire is to communicate the simplicity of the Message and that God will use us as His imperfect carriers of His perfect truth!


March 24, 2011 by jennyee
Tonight, I got to experience something incredible. I learned that you don’t need any special training to train other believers. Lately I’ve been wondering if God could really use someone like me. I haven’t taken one Bible class. I’ve walked with God for most of my life and I’ve doubted my knowledge of the Christian walk.
I learned tonight that I don’t need any further training and that the harvest is ripe NOW. I had the chance to tag along with Peggy, who works for Global Partners in Hope, and meet with six women who had hungry hearts. Five of them were believers, two of which, new believers. There was one woman that was searching. I left beyond encouraged by their faith and felt challenged.
We were at Yolanda’s house. I heard from Peggy that Yolanda was a “super woman”. I asked her what she meant by that, and Peggy just told me to wait and see. We walked into the apartment and an appetizing aroma filled the air. Yolanda had spent 6 hours that afternoon preparing for the dinner. She was privileged to have us in her home, among other sisters.
After dinner, we sat down for Peggy to start teaching. We went around and shared a little bit about ourselves. I was impressed with the girls’ English. The whole time, I could tell that then genuinely loved each other. Most of the women shared how Yolanda played a role in their spiritual walks by showing them love and presenting the gospel with them.
The rest of the night, these girls kept asking questions about how to share their faith and what to do if someone doesn’t want to believe. We got to share the value of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. It was even a reminder for me that there’s nothing that we can do as humans to change someone’s hearts- it is all the Lord’s work. All we can do is be obedient to the Holy Spirit and share when He is prompting us to share.
The two new believers shared their struggles in their friends rejection to their gospel and how God has changed their friendship. Cecilia was scared about losing a friend because she didn’t know how to deal with the new Cecilia. Maggie was the seeking woman. She shared how she didn’t want to believe in Jesus to avoid hell. She wanted a deep, intimate relationship with Him. Maggie shared about her investigation in the Lord. She reads her Bible often and prays throughout the day for people who are hurting, struggling, or ones who don’t know the Lord… and she doesn’t consider herself a Christian yet!!
Peggy presented the gospel clearly, and taught the women how to share effectively. She used a colored “story” bracelet made up of these five colors: gold, black, red, white and green. Many of you know what these colors symbolize, but for those who don’t, let me share. Gold represents Heaven. Streets paved in gold, a perfect place, better than any of us can imagine. In Heaven is God, who wants to have an intimate and personal relationship with each one of us. The black bead signifies sin, the barrier that keeps us from this relationship with the Lord. Sin is any thought, word or deed that displeases God. Every human has sin and are in need of a Savior. Red represents the blood of Jesus, and how great the love of God is for each one of us sinners. He loved us so much that He left Heaven to live a perfect, sinless life on earth, and then die as a sacrifice our sins. Three days after He died, He rose from the dead, conquering sin. Because of His blood, we are forgiven. The white bead shows that we are now forgiven. The death of Jesus has made us clean, white as snow. If we believe in Jesus and His blood, we are made clean. Lastly, green symbolizes growth in your personal relationship with the Lord. Because of your love for the Lord, you will want to grow closer to Him and spread the Good News!!
We gave each one of the women a bracelet of their own, so that they can share the gospel when someone asks about it. It reminded me to have the urgency to share the gospel.
Yolanda encouraged me. She’s only been a Christian for three years and during that time; she’s shared with so many of these women. She’s started a Bible study with them and has built into their lives, much like Jesus did to His disciples. I’m looking forward to seeing her again and hearing her whole testimony.
This time was incredible. I could see myself doing something like this… building up and discipling women, equipping them to disciple others. That’s what Jesus did, didn’t He? I have no idea what future plans hold, but no matter where I am or what organization I end up being a part of, I want to be in a community of women like that… faithful, encouraging, gospel-centered, and rooted in the Lord.
God is good. He taught me yesterday that I don’t need seminary training. All I need is to be available for Him to use me, just the way I am. He doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called. I’m called and I believe that He will equip me, giving me the strength, intelligence and love for whatever He has planned ahead!!