Friday, August 6, 2010

The BAOs in Denver

We had such a GREAT time! Shaun, Sarah and Shaunah are wonderful house guests! It was truly a pleasure to host them in our home, but watch out – they might start finding household projects to do for you!  As I introduced Shaun to folks here I added “tree-trimmer” to his accolades and “dishwasher” to Sarah’s. They are precious people and it is easy to see why God has used them to reach so many.

We truly felt God’s presence in the time spent with each person over the 3 days and I could see people were moved to participate in the mission‼ Additionally, there have been more opportunities for me to present our work to those who could not attend and this exposure will certainly lead to more and more chances to partner together in this Kingdom work! I so enjoy watching God connect people – He wastes nothing! Shaun also gave away some beautifully bound copies of his newly published book to the joy of each recipient!

Tuesday - Picked up the Shaun, Sarah and Shaunah at DIA and then went to White Fence Farm – a family restaurant with many things to do and see. It turned out to be a hit and it kept them awake until we got home for an early bedtime – helping to get their sleep cycles on track.

Wednesday – Shaun woke up refreshed and proceeded to trim my 3 large pine trees in the back yard! Then, I served breakfast for the BAOs as well as for the family of Sharon, my Mandarin teacher. We had a wonderful visit and went to Heritage Square with the whole group and then back to my house for late lunch. Sharon’s daughter Amelia is 5 and speaks Mandarin so it was great for Shaunah. Then it was time for our China visitors to rest up for the evening speaking engagement.

Our dessert event at Tom and Jenny Board’s home went very well! There were 14 there and the group was very engaged. We had much positive feedback and no one moved afterward but instead stayed on to ask many questions. Several couples will be more involved! and Shaun’s friend, Frank Cole brought another friend, Jodie Wang. We also had a couple there who support Jim and Judy Burrows. Shaun spoke well – no evidence of jet lag – he is the consummate professional!

We made a grocery run on the way home for items to help regulate little Shaunah (many pit stops had to be made on road trips). Shaunah loved the kids’ shopping buggy at the store and then all 3 slept for the 50 minute drive home.

Thursday - We had breakfast with Dr. Peggy Fraser, professor at Metro State and friend of Rachael Crabb, who came to the Denver dessert reception. We ate outside at Peggy’s lovely home and from the very start, she and Shaun were totally engaged in the conversation and brainstorming about connections and a visit to China! Peggy will be a champion for GPiH!

After breakfast we met Jodie Wang at Mardel’s Christian Book store and everyone had a great time there. Shaun and Sarah were overwhelmed by the huge array of Christian books and materials there – we have so much here and yet there is so much need for resourcing in China! We had a delicious Chinese lunch at Jodie’s home. Jodie and her husband are from a community near Beijing and she, Shaun and Sarah made a wonderful lunch for us! “Chef” and “Tree-Trimmer” should be added to Shaun’s resume I think…Jodie gave a large box of children’s clothing to Shaunah and again our little visitor had young friends who spoke Mandarin with her.

Our evening event at Panera was fabulous! There were over 25 people there, many having been invited by Sharon and Ken Sanchez. Sharon did such a great job of sharing her heart and taking people to China with her words! The presentation went well and Shaun and I really enjoyed our teamwork! Shaun’s story and words were most compelling and not only were there tears but we are certain those present will partner with us in some way. I look forward to circling back with each person we met and with those who tried to come but could not make it.

Friday – I drove the BAOs to Castle Rock at 9am to rendezvous with Kevin Wilma. It was a great visit and wonderful time of really connecting. Jon and I love this family and will miss them very much until we see each other in October in Beijing! I can’t wait to hear the results of the time spent in the remaining cities/states. Those of you hosting Shaun, Sarah and Shaunah BAO are very lucky indeed!