Monday, July 29, 2013


Thursday evening Lily was moved to share with Yinyan that she had an abortion in the past and felt heartbreak. She asked how she can heal from it and be restored. We shared that forgiveness and hope are given in Christ, and healing is also available. She went home in peace that evening. Tuesday morning at the Mary Kay group, after the Good News was shared, she raised her hand to put her faith in Christ, and shared how God “loves her and heard her prayers”, in front of the whole group of 40+ women. Lily had also prayed she might receive the light green shawl sent by the KnitWits; her number was drawn and it was, to her, more evidence of God’s love for her!  Yinyan’s presence there inspired the sisters to share more freely—further empowering our leaders.

That group of 40 women, where Lily heard the gospel was at the training center where Kanghua trains her Mary Kay consultants. The room was small, the temperature outside was in the mid 90’s, no A/C, 1 small fan and a baby “accident” in the corner  and yet more kept coming, gathering in the hall and would stay from 10am—5pm. In that “fiery furnace” of a room, they sat, learned, and heard Yinyan passionately share the gospel. In characteristic Chinese boldness, Yinyan first asked “how many know Jesus?” only 5 responded. She then asked, “how many believe the Good News?” At last count, 20 received Christ that day and will receive loving follow-up from our leader, Kanghua!


After teaching on the “Fruit of the Spirit”, “Business Leadership” & “Freedom from the Past” The women shared what they learned—here are just a few:
· “I learned that the cross is a symbol of grace. My sins are forgiven because of Jesus, who died on it in my place.”
· “I learned how to manage my team and multiply. I want to spread love and the good news just like Peggy.
· “Thank you for helping me lay down my burdens.”
· “I learned to surrender and forgive.”
· “Knowing that God made me beautiful, I found my joy.”


Friday evening Peggy taught DISC at Center Church. We had 30+ sisters and brothers attending. Although time was short due to heavy rain, we “cut to the chase” and the small group discussion was fun! Each person had the opportunity to share with others about their “expected self” and “real self”. After discussion time a new sister came to Yinyan in tears, asking how to recover from her past abortion. We shared with her God’s forgiveness in Christ and assured her that healing is available. She was encouraged and left with peace. By this time, Jutta’s teaching on expressing love to each other really sank in to many sisters’ hearts. Everyone was saying “I love you” while hugging each other good-bye in the rain.